Black Fence is an art & pop culture shopping destination that empowers black creators and other people of color to sell their unique works

Our Vision

Black Fence seeks to create a larger share of equity for creators of color in the global marketplace. The pay gap between black and white content creators is 35%, in favor of white creators. Black Fence acknowledges the value and trend setting power of creators of color and creates opportunities of empowerment and equity for these creators.

Our Partners

Black Fence partners with culture drivers and emerging talent to provide a unique and relevant assortment of one of kind works.

Fence Your Art


We partner with artists of color develop their branding personas. Visit our LinkedIn to join our collective.


We partner with museums and art galleries to help them upgrade to web 3.0 with custom metaverse auctions and galleries.


Equity derived for artists of color in line with market value. Equity to customers who shop our art through exclusive white list giving access to exclusive IRL and metaverse events, first entry to NFT auctions, and exclusive merch giveaways!